My love for baking was instilled at an early age by my Scottish grandmother, who always had a continuous supply of cookies, squares and pies which were highly sought after by family and friends.

I started baking using some of her great recipes and later moved on to experimenting with many of my own. Muffins, in particular, caught my eye; the perfect marriage of delicious and healthy! Muffins were the first canvas for my creativity, and from there, things really took off!

I soon found that I loved the challenge of adapting any recipe as well as creating many of my own. When I work with a recipe it is my goal to balance and bring out all of the flavours, whether bold or subtle, so that the taste is well-rounded and exceptional.


My passion for perfecting all things baked is the fuel that makes Baked4U run! I know you will enjoy my baking as much as I enjoy baking for you!


My husband and I teamed up to open our bakery in the west end of Peterborough, Ontario in February 2015. 

- Janet and Brian Healey, Co-Owners