Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

Buy 9 hot drinks and get the 10th free!

Who doesn't love to relax with a hot drink?!  We're proud to serve a large selection of high quality coffees and teas for your enjoyment in store or at home. We also carry a large selection of gourmet hot chocolates!


Need a pick me up? The coffee's always hot at Baked4U!


Relax with a refreshing cup of tea.  We offer a number of choices including black, green and herbal.


Are you a fan of loose leaf teas?  Check out our great selection from The Metropolitan Tea Company.  We also carry tea accessories including strainers, tea presses, etc.


To learn more about the environmental and sustainablility practices of The Metropolitan Tea Company click here.

Hot Chocolate

We carry a large variety of "gourmet du village" hot chocolates.  Purchase convenient single serve packets for home or have us make up a drink in store for your enjoyment using any of the available flavours.

Cold Drinks

We also offer a selection of pop, sparkling drinks, iced tea and water.